Crossroads Trading has a wide range of sands, soils, barks, mulches and aggregates. We are sure to have what you’re looking for to tackle your projects. If you need guidance, we are on hand to assist.

Soil Types

Forrest Bark

Supplied by Bark King.

Forest bark is a combination of pine bark and leaf mulch that have been hammer milled together, giving the bark more of a natural forest appearance. It has a longer life span than the leaf mulch.


Locally Sourced.

Compost is a nutrient enriched blend consisting of a high content of composted organic matter and composted manures.


7 mm/20 mm Aggregate

A Grade, Supplied by Walsh Quarries.

Aggregate is the term used for blasted rock from a quarry that is crushed and screened to produce smaller sized material suitable for further processing within the construction industry such as fills, drainage, ready-mixed concrete and coated road stone.


Locally Sourced, Sandy Loam.

This is an excellent starter or top up for your lawn and garden beds.


Crushed Rock

A Grade, Supplied by Walsh Quarries.

Crushed rock is a 20 mm minus stone, meaning it is a material composed of every size stone from 20 mm down to dust. It is the fines that enable crushed rock to compact hard.

Concrete & Brick Sand

Supplied by Creswick Quartz.

Concrete sand (triple-washed river sand) used for making concrete, sand pits and paver base. Brick sand used making mortar for brick and tile laying.


Road Gravel

Locally Sourced.

Road gravel used consists of varying amount of crushed stone, sand and fines. Fines are silt or clay particles which can act as a binder. Ideally used for driveways, gateways and tracks.

Packing Sand

Locally Sourced.

This sand is a fine sand with some clay content in it. Packing sand is mainly used for paving and under water tanks.

Redgum Firewood

Sourced from NSW.

Slow burning and long lasting firewood, perfect for keeping you warm in winter months.

Common Local Firewood

Locally Sourced.

Only available during Winter months.

Composted Manure

Sourced from a local feedlot.

Composted and screened manure, perfect for the garden.

Concrete & Brick Sand

Supplied by Creswick Quartz and a Geelong Quarry.

Perfect for trade or your next project.

Bush Mulch

A budget coarse mulch.