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Concrete Sand

This Sand is a course sand and can be used in multiple applications. Concrete sand is commonly used, when combined with screenings and cement to make concrete. It is a coarse sand and has small partical pebbles mixed through which makes it great as a filter layer under garden beds.

Perfect for:

  • Any type of concrete application
  • Filter layer in garden beds
  • Levelling under pavers
  • As a soil improver.

Ivory Brick Sand

Ivory Brick Sand is a fatty fine sand, when blended with cement and hydrate lime it forms the perfect builders mortar. 1m3 of our Ivory brick sand is enough to lay approx. 1000 bricks.

Perfect for:

  • Brickwork and stone work when a white coloured mortar is required. We recommend you use a general purpose cement to achieve a natural finish or off white cement for an off white finish.

Stone Dust

A by-product of the quarrying industry, Stone Dust (also known as Crusher Dust) is a fine, ‘blue metal’ product with particle sizes ranging from fines to 4mm. Stone Dust has excellent compaction qualities.

Perfect for:

  • Under water tanks
  • Under paths.
Packing Sand

Packing Sand

Packing Sand is a yellow to orange colour. It is a highly compactable fatty packing sand with some clay content in it.

Perfect for:

  • Under concrete slabs
  • A base for a water tank.

Arena Sand

This sand is a fine yellow sand with very little clay or ‘fatty’ content, sourced locally it is typically used as a base in horse arenas.

Perfect for:

  • Horse arena base.

Conditions: All goods to be delivered to kerb alignment. If goods are to be delivered inside fence line, it will be entirely at owner’s risk.

Please Note: All products are natural products, slight colour variations may occur from time to time.

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