7 – 20mm Aggregate

For your Bedding & Filling


7mm Screenings

This is a ‘Blue Metal’ clean 7mm rock with no fines, also know as quarter minus. Sourced locally and NATA approved.

Perfect for:

  • Bedding for pipes
  • Drainage behind retaining walls
  • Can be used to produce a fine textured concrete or concrete kerb.

20mm Screenings

This is a ‘Blue Metal’ clean 20mm rock with no fines. Locally sourced and Nata approved.

Perfect for:

  • Backfilling trenches
  • Drainage around agi pipes
  • As an alternative decorative garden rock
  • In concrete mix to produce textured concrete.

Conditions: All goods to be delivered to kerb alignment. If goods are to be delivered inside fence line, it will be entirely at owner’s risk.

Please Note: All products are natural products, slight colour variations may occur from time to time.

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